Sunday, November 22, 2009

A PINK baby shower

I have such a wonderful group of girlfriends here. Two of them, Nancy and Victoria, threw me a 'cherry blossom-themed' baby shower last weekend, and I had an amazing time!

There were 15 great women there to share in my excitement of finally having a baby girl! I loved the cherry blossom theme because it is very Japanese and symbolic of where I'm having our baby.
The food was delicious, Nancy and Victoria provided baked ham, hash brown casserole, and various pastries from a Japanese bakery, and it was all washed down with refreshing mimosas :)

Opening all the great gifts was so much fun! There was pink everywhere! I received some really cute clothes/accessories as well as some useful baby tools/gear from some Japanese stores. The Japanese baby items that are available here are really quite interested and useful. They have great diapers, glass bottles and sippy cups, to name a few. The cutest thing of all is the baby leggings that a lot of Japanese babies where. I received a few of those that will look so adorable on our baby girl.

Thank you to my great friends who threw me such a memorable baby shower and all of you who attended! It was a day I'll always remember and cherish.

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