Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our 2nd Chibikko Bazaar at Seika

Last weekend, we headed to Rowen's school for their annual bazaar event. The bazaar is a fund-raising opportunity for the school to make some money by providing lots of games, food, and fun for all the kids.

Rowen and Arjun's favorite thing to do at the bazaar is ride the Shinkansen (the bullet train) that is set up around the school playground. I think the boys rode it 2-3 times before we even got started on the rest of the games or food that was offered at the bazaar.

Other games they played included 'fishing', where the Seika pool is filled with an assortment of toys and the kids get throw a fishing pole into the pool and try to wrap the hook around one of the toys. They also enjoyed some kettle corn, little frankfurter hot dogs, and Japanese candy necklaces (pieces of Japanese candy tied together to make a necklace). After the games, we went upstairs to go inside and enjoy some lunch and baked goods. This year, we were sure to remember our indoor shoes/slippers, which we had forgotten last year! Since it was our first bazaar last year, we either didn't know or had forgotten to bring them, and I remember my feet being really cold walking through the school halls with no shoes on!

After lunch, the boys took one last ride on the Shinkansen before we headed home so Arjun could take a nap. Since Rowen has made lots of friends at school over the past year, he has a lot of fun at these weekend school events, and so does Arjun! And because of a weekend school event, which the kids have to be in full winter uniform for, there was no school for Rowen on Monday :-)

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