Wednesday, December 9, 2009

62nd annual Seika Christmas Pageant

Seika had their annual Christmas pageant on Sunday.

We were very excited to see Rowen perform in his class dance that he had been preparing for all month!

Again, since this year he's doing everything for the second time, everything came easier for him at the event. He had more patience to sit through the principal's speech (can be almost 30-45 minutes), he knew all the words to the Christmas songs, Japanese and English, and actually performed in his Rudolph dance.

Of course, being the proud mother that I am, I could take my eyes off of him when he was dancing. I just thought (as every mom there thought about their child), that he was just the cutest thing in the world! Tim was laughing at me...even after the event and we were just hanging out home, I think I watched the video a few more times!

I hope you enjoy watching him dance too!

PS-Tonight is our last night as a family of 4!!!!! I am going in tomorrow morning for my scheduled c-section and our little girl will be here! Stay tuned for baby news and pics :-)

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  1. Enjoy your last night together as a family of four! Will be watching for pictures of your new little girl soon! Good luck!