Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another year older...

My 32nd birthday fell on a weekday this year so I couldn't go too crazy, right?

But then I started to think about some past birthdays and realized (with Tim laughing in the background) that I have either been soon to be pregnant, pregnant or postpartum for my 28th, 29th, and 30th birthday. On my 32nd birthday this year, I reached the 34th week of pregnancy with Baby #3!! Haven't had a chance to get too crazy in a long time, but for good reason:)

And even though I couldn't enjoy an adult beverage (or at least without any guilt), I still had a great time on my birthday.

Wednesday was a typical day with Rowen at school and Arjun spending a few hours at the CDC.
The YOSC (Yokosuka Officers Spouses Club) had a luncheon that day and it was actually quite fun. I went to the luncheon with my neighbor Danielle and had a really nice time getting to know her better. I answered a Japanese trivia question and won a door prize, which was a beautiful blue and white pottery vase :)

Tim and my parents gave me some amazing presents (a digital picture frame, a new watch, some fashion jewelry from Tim, and $$ from my parents (always my favorite :) and a couple of gifts from friends on base.

That evening the boys were eager to go to Chili's for dinner. Not my favorite place but they get a kick out of the birthday song the staff sings and the cheesecake dessert that goes with it.

On Friday evening, some good friends took us out to dinner to celebrate. We went to a Hawaiian
curry restaurant in Kamakura and had a great time!! After dinner, we found a cute little place, called Venus Cafe to have some drinks (just tea for me) and some yummy desserts. Thanks to my neighbor Danielle, with her generous offer to watch the boys when her daughter Zel, who was originally supposed to babysit, wasn't feeling well.

All in all, it was a great birthday 'month'. We had a great trip to Guam a couple of weeks earlier and a pre-birthday dinner with friends there, a great day on Wednesday, and a wonderful evening out on Friday.

I have to say what I loved about my birthday more than anything was all the birthday wishes on Facebook!! We're all very busy these days and don't always have the time for a phone call or to send a card. I love the ease (most of the time...) at which Facebook allows friends and family to post heartfelt messages. I think there were approx. 60 birthday messages on there my friends and family, worldwide, and for a just moment, I didn't feel like I was living so far away from all of you.

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