Saturday, October 31, 2009


Rowen and Arjun before trick-or-treating

Our second Halloween in Japan was pretty's fun getting ready for a night like this when both boys were well aware of the loads of candy they were getting and the fun costumes they were wearing.

I had to keep reminding Rowen when Halloween actually was because for 4-5 days before hand, he kept asking me if it was time to get dressed up and get lots of candy! When Halloween was really here, I think he put his costume in the morning and just hung out in it until it was time to go trick or treating!!

While Rowen was pretty sure he was going to dress up as a Transformer or a Star Wars character, we weren't sure what Arjun was going to be. This is the first year he really had an opinion about it.
Last year, he had just turned one and I bought a Superman costume for him, which he happily wore.

This year, he could have worn the same Superman costume or Rowen's costume from last year, a skeleton suit. But...he was much more interested in the costumes that Rowen was wearing this year. A 2 year old interested in Transformers or Star Wars? I guess so, if that's what his older brother is interested in.

What we were afraid of is that whatever costume Rowen chooses, Arjun would the other. And then Rowen would change his mind and want the costume that Arjun chose. Rowen decided to put the Star Wars costume on and Arjun, then of course put on the skeleton costume, changed his mind and put on the Transformer costume. He didn't end up wearing the transformer costume that night either....

Policeman Arjun

What he did wear was a Policeman jacket and hat that I purchased from the costume section of Costco a few weeks earlier. It was very cute actually and I think he was happy wearing that because he could keep his jeans on and not really feel like he was wearing a costume after all.

Arjun and Nana (she had to take her mask off first :)

Trick or treating starts pretty early here, around 4:30 pm. The boys were running around outside before Tim walked them around and I stayed back to hand out candy. Arjun was pretty scared of a lot of our neighbor kids if they were wearing masks with their costumes. It was pretty funny! Once they took their masks off, he would go up to them and play with them, but once their mask was back on, he would start whimpering a little bit and run away! A typical two year old :)

Kaito, Arjun, and Rowen

I bought more candy then last year (and last year, I bought A LOT), and the extra candy lasted me a mere twenty minutes. Unfortunately, for the children that got a late start trick-or-treating, I had to turn off our porch light at 6 pm.

We had to calm the children down and bring them down from their sugar high so we could sit down dinner: delicious chili that had been in the crock pot all day, poured over baked potatoes, yum! A great way to end a chilly Halloween night!

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