Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seika Yochien 62nd annual sports day

I can't believe Rowen has been attending Seika for over one year now!

At last year's Seika event, Rowen had only been going to school for 2 weeks and wasn't quite in his comfort zone when Sports Day rolled around. He was also in the youngest class, called Pony, and therefore only participated in one event. He was also very timid and didn't know the language that well either.

What a difference one year has made! He had a blast at Sport's Day this year and it showed by the smile on his face while he was participating in the various events. We were also more prepared this year b/c we knew to bring some lawn chairs, a picnic blankets, umbrellas to block the sun, etc...

Rowen dancing to "Anpanman"

Rowen actually participated in the opening ceremony this year because he knew all the school songs and dances. And in between events, he had a lot of fun playing with friends from school and goofing around in the sand box. I think his favorite event of the day was performing a dance to his favorite song, "Anpanman"!

Arjun camped out and ready to watch Rowen!

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