Friday, July 3, 2009

Some big news...

I realize I have been absent from the blogging scene, which I feel badly about! One would think that blogging shouldn't take that long and then when I sit down at the computer, there goes a 1/2 -1 hour!!

There has been so much going on that I want to tell everyone!! And with the holiday weekend here, I have some time to devote to our website :)

The biggest news first? We're expecting our third baby in the December!!

We're very excited! We actually found out April 9th when Grandma Marcia was visiting :)
One of the main reasons I took the pregnancy test was because I was leaving for Beijing the next day. China is basically a third-world country so knowing that I was pregnant when I was traveling there reminded me to NOT touch anything unless I absolutely had too, haha! I was also concious about what I ate and drank.

Anywhoo, I waited a little while to write a post about the little one b/c of course, we wanted to make sure everything was okay. And so far so good!! I'm 16 weeks along and feeling great.

The first couple of months were sort of rough though. Lots of nausea/vomiting and very tired, which is no fun while entertaining and taking care of two little boys! But as soon as I pass the 12-13 week mark, things started getting better. I am still pretty tired during the day but the morning sickness is pretty much gone.

Of course since we have two boys, I have been dying to find out what we're having. I think the time has been passing pretty slowly because of this too. Every week I wonder, "Can I go to the doctor and see if I'm far enough along to find out the gender??" Of course I would be so happy to have either a boy or a girl; all that really matters is that the baby is healthy. But how awesome would that be if we were going to have a girl?!?

Well lucky for me, our radiologist lives just across the way. He has kindly offered many times to take a 'courtesy' peek to see if we can determine the gender. So...on June 23rd, I took him up on his offer and headed over to the hospital to meet with him. We did indeed learn something that day!!

But...Jeff was only 80% sure, since I was only 15 weeks, so I waited for my follow-up visit on June 30. My doctor reminded that day that it could be a long shot in determining gender at such an early stage....but after she took one look, she confirmed what Jeff had seen...

We are indeed having a baby GIRL!!!!!!!!

I seriously cannot express my excitement in words! I just feel so blessed that we are having a little girl and that Rowen and Arjun will take such good care of her. Our little girl couldn't have asked for two better brothers!!

I'm also excited because I feel like everything will be new with her. Even though we're experience parents by now...she'll surprise us by doing things the boys never did.

We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Baby Girl Wimmer :)