Saturday, April 4, 2009

Seika Entrance Ceremony...with Grandma!

Sigh. I must sit through yet another Seika ceremony!

Rowen's new school year has started and Grandma Marcia was here to attend his Yochien Entrance Ceremony!

Arjun is so proud of his big brother Rowen

Typically, students only have to attend one entrance ceremony during their time at the school, not every new school year. But since Rowen started school in the middle of the year, in October, this was his official entrance ceremony into the school. Plus, he moved up a class this year, so it was a special day for all of us.

After a speech from his principal, the entire school staff was introduced. Including the bus drivers, the office staff, and the lunch staff. Very cool to see all them and have them formally introduced b/c I see them very often but don't know exactly who they are.

The teachers and students also sang many school songs, like their morning prayer song and good bye song. It was great to hear those songs and learn what the words mean. I think I recognized some of the songs b/c Rowen sings them at home!!

After the ceremony was over, the older class presented the younger classes with a cute gift-a blue polkadot plush elephant and a children's book about what goes on during a Japanese school day.

Rowen also had his class picture taken this day as well.

I was glad that Marcia was able to see Rowen at his ceremony, visit his Japanese school and see what it looks like, and meet his teachers. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom as well, so it was a beautiful day in Japan!

Grandma Marcia with Tim and Arjun

*Seika Entrance Ceremony Pictures*

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