Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beautiful Sakura!

Japan is SO beautiful during cherry blossom season!!

I have seen cherry blossoms before when I was living in DC during grad school, but to see them in Japan while living here was incredible!

Grandma Marcia is visiting right now and boy did she visit at the right time of year. The weather has been beautiful and the blossoms have made our somewhat oridinary base into a beautiful place to live :)

During the Cherry Blossom Festival open base event, open meaning anyone is allowed onto base, we enjoyed music, American/Japanese food, and various kids activities while walking around base and taking pictures under the cherry blossoms. One of the kids activities involved kids getting dressed up firefighter uniforms and getting pictures taken inside the base firetruck. Isn't that every little boys dream??

There were SO many Japanese people on base for this festival, it was amazing! And of course, the pizza restaurant on base was fully prepared with hundreds of pizzas ready for takeout, b/c the Japanese LOVE our American style pizzas!! And just as I suspected, I saw many of them carrying two or three large pizzas around with them so they could enjoy their LARGE pizzas once they got home :) They are so funny when it comes to doing stuff on base. They love to come onto base to see the big ships and get pizzas and cinnabon to take home. I love them & their culture :)


  1. The cherry blossoms are heavenly! You got beautiful shots. Rowen looks great in uniform :)

  2. The cherry blossoms are heavenly! Rowen looks darling in uniform :)