Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun with Legos!

I have found a great place to take the boys when the weather turns yucky outside.

Near Costco is the Yokohama Bayside Marina outlet mall. It is filled with all sorts of outlet shops: Lacoste, Columbia, Puma, Eddie Bauer, and a selection of kids outlet stores too. I can't see myself buying clothing items there b/c I've heard the biggest size they carry is similar to a US size small.

Anyway, in the kids section is a great soft play area and a Legos store. Yes, Legos!!
Do they have huge Legos stores in the states, with different areas all over the store filled with legos that kids can play with? I wouldn't know b/c my kids weren't really into Legos when we were living in San Diego.

I haven't heard too much about this outlet center while living in Yokosuka. I'm not sure how many people know it exists. B/c if people knew, I'm sure the word would have gotten around, and it hasn't.

Rowen and Arjun had such a blast and it was so easy to spend a couple of hours there. We had a yummy lunch there and still went back to play with Legos a bit before heading home.

Of course, I had to buy them a little something from the store so they could continue their lego building when we got home :)

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