Monday, March 30, 2009

Tuna with dinner

We had sushi tonight at our favorite sushi-go-round restaurant. I think it's called Ni-gee-ri?
I can't read the sign outside the restaurant, but that's the name that comes up on our credit card bill.
Another reason, I love that place. They take credit :)

Same great food tonight, but a new experience...

At 6pm, they rang a bell, and unveiled a HUGE tuna that had been sitting there while we were eating. I guess, every once in a while, they will do the cutting, skinning, deboning (and whatever else they do to fish) of a particular fresh fish. After they finish the process, they serve the fish in the restaurant as well as sell pieces to their patrons to take home with them.

It was pretty cool to watch!

Now if we can only make it to Tokyo and go to the fish market the wee hours of the hard to manage with the little ones!

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