Thursday, April 9, 2009

Achoo! Yellow sand from the Gobi Desert...

As much as 5 million tons of yellow sand from China blow over Japan every year! That's alot isn't it???

I have been sneezing like crazy for the past 1-2 weeks and my throat has been really itchy... I didn't know about this yellow sand issue until my Japanese friend told me about it today.

Yellow sand storms originate from China every spring. This yellow dust is fine sand from Mongolia's Gobi Desert which sometimes includes toxic chemical smog emitted by Chinese factories. Winds pick up fine sand and dust particles and carry them thousands of kilometers into the air.

They’re blown to the east by air currents and fall on the Korean Peninsula and Japan. It’s practically impossible to stop the high-flying particles, so people resort to shielding their faces with masks and hats, closing windows, postponing outdoor activities, and covering equipment with tarps.

Gotta love allergies in the springtime!

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  1. interesting!

    we're all dealing with oak pollen here...the two giant trees in the front yard aren't helping matters.