Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kanazawa Zoo

While Grandma Marcia was here, we made a trip to the Kanazawa Zoo.

We had heard a lot about this qaint little zoo but this was our first trip. Getting there was super easy on the toll roads, and the zoo even has its own toll booth, so after you pay your toll, the road from the booth takes you directly into the zoo parking lot.

Admission was inexpensive at 500 yen per adult and the kids were free! I am going to be sad when the 3 and younger doesn't apply to Rowen anymore!! We've saved a lot of money over the past few months with that rule. Especially with our Tokyo Disneyland tickets!! (that post to come soon :)

After we purchased our tickets, the entrance of the zoo was an indoor hallway, about a few hundred feet long with the cutest display of animals and lights that the boys just loved! To name a few things, there were animals playing in an orchestra, an animated spider coming in/out of its web, and a rocketship/space scene that was really cool.

We exited out of the indoor area and were now in the zoo part and there was a beautiful waterfall display before we started our walk through the zoo. This zoo is small in comparison to most zoos but the animals were plentiful and we got pretty close to some of them, like the elephant and the giraffe.

After we did a full circle around the zoo, we had lunch at the only reataurant there, which was really good.

I definitely see us returning to this place in the future! This being our first time, we really had a lot of fun, and the cherry blossoms in bloom made the day even better!

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