Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seika Yochien Art Day

My boy can draw!

Seika Yochien held it's Art Exhibition on Feb. 14th from 10-2pm. This was a busy day for us, b/c Rowen's 3rd birthday party was later that afternoon.

My friends told me about this exhibition when Rowen enrolled at Seika. About how impressed I'd be at his work, and how talented (because of their teachers) the kids are at crafting and drawing.

Now that Rowen has been going to school at Seika for about 4 months, he's really excited to show us around when we get there. He takes off his shoes, puts on his slippers, and directs up to his classroom. So cute.

After putting our slippers on, we entered the hallways, and WOW, the artwork was amazing!!
(ok...I'm being dramatic...but really, it was neat :)

I've learned to recognize Rowen's name in Kanji. So when we entered his classroom, I began searching for his art.

All of the art was so impressive. Especially the older classes art displays. Obviously, the art wasn't Van Gough...but the sheer volume of art and the time spent on preparing it was impressive.

We were so proud of our little guy. I was so glad to witness what Rowen does during school hours. The time and energy Seika teachers put into our children is unbelievable and I truly believe that every penny we spend on tuition is worth it.

All the while we're roaming the halls and admiring art, Arjun is roaming with us (in his cute slippers).

Oh how I would love the chance to send Arjun to Seika too.


  1. Can't Arjun go to Seika at age 2?

  2. Seika does have a "cuties program" for 18 mos-2.5yo but it is only a day care, they are not 'uniformed students.
    Officially, Seika takes students for preschool at 2.5 years old. Arjun is only 18 months right now but by the time he is 2.5, we will be PCSing shortly after that...
    But I hope we extend! We love it here!