Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Rowen!

I had balloons waiting for Rowen today when he woke up. I cannot believe he is 3 years old!!
He has grown up (I'm not talking about maturity here, but rather height and shoe size...) too quickly.

Rowen had school today and along with his start-of-the-school-week bag, he boarded the bus with a bag of birthday treats for his classmates.

When he returned from school, I had a special treat (a lollipop and a little car) for him and we played for a little bit before dinner.

Not too many places to go for dinner, as you all may know...
So...if you think we had a celebratory dinner at the same locale where we celebrated Arjun's 1st birthday, then you are correct!

On our way to Chili's, I made a quick little stop.

**Back when we celebrated Arjun's birthday, Rowen had an ambulance toy that he brought to the restaurant that night. Sometime, after that night, we couldn't find the ambulance and Rowen kept asking us about it. We had no idea where that toy went. He didn't leave it at Chili's b/c we called them and checked. No toy.
Well...around Christmas time, he started looking for said ambulance and we still had NO idea where his toy could be!
With all the other presents he received, he seemed to forget about the ambulance...until one day I was flipping through photos on the computer, and Rowen saw a photo that included him with the ambulance at the restaurant, that very night!! Why do I look through photos when the kids are around!?!

Completely out of the blue, I run into a woman who has babysat for Rowan and Arjun in the past. In the middle of our conversation, she says, "Hasn't Rowen been asking about his ambulance? He left it at my house a couple of months ago and I have stored away for you, so pick it up whenever!"

Hearing that was like magic to my ears!! When I told Tim the story, he couldn't believe that the ambulance was there all along!**

SO...my quick stop was at the babysitter's house to pick up the ambulance and present it to Rowen in the car on the way to Chilis. He was so surprised :)

Needless to say, we had a lovely dinner at Chili's and Rowen was happy with his ambulance.
The staff sang happy birthday to Rowen, where again, he was shy and embarressed. BUT, they did bring him a yummy piece of cheesecake that he and Arjun devoured!

I'd say Rowen had a pretty good day!

Favorite toy recovered + more presents + yummy cheesecake = GREAT 3rd birthday

Rowen is 3!

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