Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yokosuka Bazaar

Twice a year, various vendors bring their beautiful furniture and other items to sell at the Yokosuka Bazaar. The bazaar was October 4th and 5th and it was packed with people eyeing all the goodies....including us!
The CDC (child development center) offered childcare for this special event but we decided to take the kids. Not a wise choice...after walking around for a little while, we knew the kids weren't going to last long! They were walking on the persian rugs, trying to open the drawers on the furniture, 'helping' push the stroller get the idea!
After Tim and I decided on a couple of things to buy, he took the kids home and I stayed behind with Jeff and Tiffany and their 3 kids, Ainsley, Braedon, and McKenna. Their kids are older and really behaved at the bazaar!
The bazaar was pretty overwhelming so we took a lunch break and enjoyed yakisoba (noodles with veggies) and BBQ meat on a stick-yummy! With full tummies, we were ready to tackle the garage area of the bazaar. What's the garage area? Well...on top of having two HUGE rooms filled with furniture, the 5 story garage was packed full of Japanese knick-knacks: origami Christmas ornaments, silk pajamas, jewelry, dishes, and the list goes on!
We ended up buying a beautiful glass door bookcase and a teak wood outdoor table and 4 chairs.
By the time we (and by 'we', I mean Tiffany's nice husband, Jeff!!) loaded up the furniture on the courtesy trucks to take home, we were all exhausted!!!

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