Thursday, October 9, 2008

Out to Lunch-yummy!!

The Oakleaf Club which is for hospital spouse's (called Oakleaf b/c medical officers were an oakleaf on one lapel, whereas non-medical or 'line' officers do not...) gets together for ' Lunch-Bunch' every first Wednesday of the month.

I missed September, basically because we were no where near getting settled!! When October's meeting came around, I thought I should go especially b/c everyone who had been to this restaurant before was just raving about it!!

Fortunately I made a reservation for Arjun at the CDC and with Rowen at school, I got to go all by myself!! I was very excited to have lunch at a nice restaurant with out the kids!!

St. Marc's is a French Bistro that serves delicious food and makes their own bread :) With certain specials in the menu, you can add a bread plate to your order, which I HIGHLY recommend. **Those of you that come and visit will go to this place with me :)

There is a table in the center of St. Marc's that has all the bread you can eat. As the baskets get empty, they keep refilling them with warm tasty bread, and its always different kinds of bread, so everytime you take your plate up there, it is something different!! Blueberry, raisin and almond, chocolate croisant, cheese bread...they had it all! I am really looking forward to taking Tim and kids there :)

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