Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rowen starts school at Seika Yochien

Today was a very exciting day!! I was both nervous and excited for Rowen's first day at Seika.
Seika is a Japanese Kindergarten that has a small percentage of American students. The school's curriculum consists of art, music, dancing, and singing-all things that Rowen enjoys doing :)

The bus that picks up Rowen at home is a choo-choo bus and it rings it's bell as it comes into our culdesack! Video of Rowen getting ready for the Seika bus!

Rowen was really excited to ride the choo-choo bus and that is what got him through his first day, I think? After enjoying a hearty breakfast (b/c I wasn't sure what he'd eat at school) and getting on his uniform without a tantrum, he was so calm getting ready for the bus to arrive. I was sure that he would cry or be upset as the bus was leaving, but it was me who started crying!! I think my 2 neighbors (who were putting their kids on the bus) thought that I was an emotional wreck...until they told me they went through the same thing when their kids first started:)

When the bus dropped Rowen off (and Erina and Michael, the other kids on our block that attend Seika), he was so happy!! I knew that he had a good day and that made me so happy. He didn't seem cranky either (school days are long, from 10-4, so he skips a nap)...
He immediately started to tear off his uniform and head into the house to get some ice cream (I told him today that when he got home we would share some ice cream to celebrate his 1st day of school).

One of his teachers, Yuko, who is the English aid and assists with all of the American students called me tonight. She told me that Rowen was fine at school and didn't cry. He even asked for seconds at lunch, even though he didn't finish it. I think she was surprised by that b/c a lot of the American kids don't eat the food at Seika (miso soup, sushi rice, etc...)

Rowen returns to school on Friday-I hope he has just as much fun.

Seika Gallery


  1. So glad the first day went so well and he ate the food. Sydney still doesn't eat the food!
    See you soon!

  2. He is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I wish I could put my 9 and 13 year old on the choo choo bus. But I think they would definitely cry and eat too much at lunch.

  3. Hello,

    I was browsing for information about this school and the others that is listed with the base and came across your blog. If you don't mind would it be possible to email me, I have tons of questions and would like your experiences with this school. What school will they attend when they finish this school since it is PreK and K.

    Kind regards,

  4. Wow - the uniform hasn't changed at all in the 23 year since I got on that bus as an American child stationed with my parents in Japan. I was trying to find out information about Seika Yochien (partly out of fond memories) while researching education in other countries for my Masters in elementary education program. I hope they still dig for sweet potatoes - that was my favorite outing with the school. And bring in a sumo wrestler for groups of children to try to wrestle (not terribly effective when you're 3.)

    I still have my uniform somewhere. The hat and bag are on the top shelf in my old bedroom at my parents' house. Thank you for the lovely pictures - I should go pull out my own.