Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun at the aquarium!

***Side note: We have not been blogging much lately-sorry! There have been a few things going on which I am going to post about now and back date them...
Now that we are finally settled into our house (on base), I will keep the blog more up to date :)

The Enoshima Aquarium...

The best thing about living in San Diego was all the attractions that were so kid-friendly! The Zoo, Sea World, La Birch Aquarium, and the list goes on!
Well, our Oakleaf playgroup went to the Enoshima Aquarium and it was a lot of fun. The drive was about 45 minutes from base (we were not living on base yet...) The drive was beautiful! Almost entirely along the ocean :) Our price of admission was 2000 Yen (~$20) and a season pass was just two admission tickets so we opted for that! I figured that in the two years we'll be here, the aquarium will be a nice place to go, especially when the weather is not so nice.

We also enjoyed a dolphin show at the aquarium...and even though we've seen many dolphin shows in SD, this one was special because it was in Japanese!!

Aquarium Gallery

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