Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome home USS George Washington!

This was a big day in Japanese History. The USS George Washington made its home in Yokosuka.
This is the first time a nuclear powered aircraft carrier has been forward deployed here and it has definitely created quite the controversy. There have been many demonstrations/protests by the Japanese concerning the GW's arrival and they have increased this week. The Japanese people are concerned that having a nuclear ship in the harbor is dangerous...but doesn't Japan have the 3rd or 4th most nuclear power plants in the world??? We are now living on base (since Sept. 23rd) and the base is on heightened security until the GW leaves on a short workup (trip) again on Wednesday, Oct. 1st.

Life will be different on base now...the GW brings roughly 5000 extra people on board!! Someone is bound to get into trouble! Last March in Yokosuka, a Kitty Hawk sailor was charged with stabbing a Japanese taxi driver to death. Crime is not a big part of Japanese culture and most of the crime that happens here if any (from what I'm told) happens within the military community. Pretty sad, but true.

With all of these extra people, I hope that the grocery store can keep food and essentials in stock!! That has been a problem in the past-which means when I see diapers, I BUY them!!!

Here is an article to read about the GW from the Japanese perspective...

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