Thursday, September 3, 2009

Arjun's 2nd Birthday Party

Last week, we celebrated Arjun's 2nd birthday by having a fun BBQ here on base.

I have to say that of all the birthday parties we've had, this one required a little elbow grease!
For two reasons, mainly: A couple of times when I visited the grocery store on base, they were either out of hot dog buns, or some other essential item I needed food wise. Secondly, the two places we can purchase bagged ice on base, were NOT SELLING bagged ice!! They weren't out of ice that particular day, but completely not selling it b/c their ice machines were deemed unsanitary during an inspection and thus could not sell dirty ice.

I'm glad that they didn't sell me dirty ice but was still worried about having a late afternoon BBQ with no ice!

Luckily, Tim was able to go to Chili's (yes, that's the restaurant I'm talking about, we have one on base :) They sold us ice for $5/cooler and I was SO happy that some establishment on base was able to help us out!

The party was at a playground on base near the water and since it was late afternoon/early evening, the weather was quite pleasant. Everyone had a good time and the food was just enough...something I was worried about b/c you never know how much food is too much.
Plus I ordered a half-sheet birthday cake, which I thought was going to be huge, but it was all gone at the end of the evening!!

After the party, the boys had a good time opening their gifts at home. Rowen had a little trouble understanding that it was Arjun's birthday and his gifts, but he was a good sport. Rowen is too funny-a fews days leading up to the party, whenever Rowen would see someone that was coming to the party, he would say, "Are you coming to our party on Friday?" I thought the OUR part was so interesting, and would ask him what he meant by that, and then he would quickly correct himself and say "Arjun's party", but it was still cute.

I guess they are too young to understand the exact details of everything, huh?

Tomorrow is Arjun's real birthday, Sept. 4th. Tim has been out of town all week and we are meeting up with him tomorrow in Tokyo to celebrate Arjun's birthday and stay for the long weekend. It should be fun. Arjun has become a big fan of blowing out candles, so as long as we do that tomorrow night, he'll be a happy little boy!

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