Sunday, August 23, 2009

Seika Summer School

For one week in August, the kids go back to school for summer swim at Seika.

Last week, Aug. 3-6th, Rowen boarded the choo-choo bus wearing his swim suit, carrying his school bag and hauling his Pokemon swimming float! And because summer school week is only half-days, Rowen had to bring lunch to school, another bag he was carrying!

Rowen looked like a porter with the amount of stuff he was carrying on the bus. Heehee-it was really funny. I had to take a picture :P

The hat he is wearing is not part of his regular uniform. The students make their own hat especially for summer school so their regular hat doesn't get ruined. He brought the hat home on the last day of school, July 17th, and it was the cutest thing. He was excited to finally wear it when summer school started.

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