Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yearly check-ups

The child care center on base reminded me the other day that they didn't have updated shot records for Arjun.

Oops. 18 month shots? I swear I remembered when Rowen was 18 months. Of course I did, b/c he was my only child, heehee.

I didn't mean to forget about Arjun's 18 month check up, it just sort of happened ;) And it's fine if he's 21 months now and getting his 18 month shots, right? At least he's getting them!

I was correct about Rowen's shots though. There are no shots for 3 year olds. But...he did need to get a PPD test (the tuberculosis test). I don't think the PPD test is required for children in the states, but since tuberculosis is considered the most fatal infectious disease in Asia, kids are required to have the test here. Good enough reason for me.

Arjun's appointment was the same as always. And of course he cried a little during his shots.
He can take it though; he's a big boy!! He weighed in at 25 lbs and is 28 inches tall. I can't believe how big he has gotten.

Rowen had a lot of 'firsts' during his doctor's appt. After the usual measurements were taken (height/weight), he had his temperature taken 'the big boy' way. He wasn't too sure of sticking the instrument in his mouth and he didn't quite understand that it had to be underneath his tongue, but he did a good job!

He also had his blood pressure taken. He was the cutest thing with the blood pressure cuff on his arm and he sat there so patiently while he was examined.

The last part of Rowen's exam was his visual test. He has never been asked to read the eye chart on the wall and I was curious how this was going to go. I actually got quite nervous b/c when the nurse was asking him to identify the various letters and pictures on the chart, he said he didn't know/couldn't see them!! What ?!?!

This made me extremely anxious. I have bad (very bad) eyesight and was completely worried that he was having trouble seeing!! Forget the fact that he can see just fine and was just being shy and didn't want to answer the nurse's questions. Duh.

Lastly, Rowen had to get his shot. He was a bit upset with me about this b/c I had told him that there would be no shots. Oops again. I was sort of right, no yearly shots, but didn't realize it was time for his PPD test.

Well, it didn't matter anyway b/c he was such a big boy during this process. It was sort of weird actually. He looked right at the needle the whole time he was being injected. Didn't cry or wince a bit. we have a doctor in the making?? Tim would just love that!

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