Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Opposite" Valentine's Day

In Japan, White Day is celebrated on March 14th, exactly one month from Valentine's Day. White Day is the 'answer day' meaning that men should pay the women back for the gifts they received on Valentine's day.

I didn't really know about this occasion until Tim and I were roaming around More City (shopping plaza) and came across the signs and candy displays.

I wan't sure what White Day was, and when I asked, this is the explanation I got:

If you didn't understand the picture (haha!!), this is what it means:

It's 'opposite' Valentine's Day in Japan, where typically the girlfriend gives gifts to her boyfriend.

The boyfriend then thanks his girlfriend for his Valentine's gifts by giving chocolates and candy to her on White Day.

In South Korea, not only do they celebrate 'White Day', but they also observe 'Black Day', a holiday for those that are happy and single.


  1. Don't ever throw away that piece of paper. It's brilliant.

  2. I know!! Isn't that piece of paper hilarious??
    Tim and I were just laughing after taking a long look at it when we got's too funny!!