Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yokoso Mom!

My mom is here and we are having so much fun visiting!!

On Friday, we left for Tokyo to pick her up. We had New Sanno reservations so Tim and the boys relaxed at the hotel while I went to the airport. I haven't been to the airport since living here and with inclement weather that day, I was happy to take the airport limosine straight to the airport :)

Nothing is that easy though right? When I finally reached the airport, I got off on the wrong terminal!! Narita international airport is HUGE!! And of course no English speaking person in sight, so I get off the bus thinking it was the right stop, but it wasn't. So then, I have to find the transfer terminal bus so I can get to terminal 2 (she was flying United) and finally find my mom.

I was worried that I would miss her and with her not being able to call me, I knew I need to be there when she came through customs. Luckily, it took her almost an hour to get done with everything, customs, baggage, etc. so I was there to greet her when she arrived!

Getting back to the hotel was a little tricky as well! We opted not to take the bus again b/c I couldn't find the bus counter...but the train station was just an esclator ride down so we took the Narita Express train to Shinagawa station and a cab to the hotel from there. I loved watching my mom's expressions as I tried to navigate my way through and speak a little Japanese as well.
She thought it was pretty funny :)

Like I said before, the weather wasn't great that night. When we got to Shinagawa station and had to wait for a taxi, it was raining pretty hard and we tried our best to stay dry!!

Finally, we reached the hotel and the boys (and Tim) were waiting there to see Nani!! They were SO excited!!

My mom is here for only two weeks so we have lots to do!

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  1. that's pretty funny- i would've love to see you navigate through a japanese airport while attempting to speak the language! have fun w/ your mom :)