Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Morning with the boys

This week the boys have been home with me and not at the CDC (childcare on base)...they were supposed to go on Tuesday but when Rowen started throwing up (a lot) on Monday night, they stayed at home on Tuesday.

Today (Wed.) started off not so smoothly...making me wonder, the CDC sure would be good today, but it fills up SO fast. They take reservations 2 weeks in advance, so it is not very likely that I can get a spot at the last minute. Alas, when I called this spots.

That's okay. Even though my mom is coming on Friday (so excited!!) and there's a lot to do in preparation b/c we're going to Tokyo to get her, the boys and I will do said work together (haha).

I had some errands to run at the Daiei and they also have a play area there. So I thought, the play area will get them excited and happy and then maybe they'll be well behaved for errands??

Well, they played great and there was no fighting. However, the play area must have really worn Rowen out...
When going through the grocery store...all Rowen kept saying was "I'm sooooo tired!"..." I can't walk anymore, I'm soooo tired!" Unbelievable!!

Arjun was sitting in the cart but the shopping carts only have a place for one child. What am I supposed to do with Rowen who weighs like 35 lbs?!? He wanted me to carry him, but NO WAY!!

So I basically had to bribe him through the store, with candy and other treats. NOT something I am proud of.

The up side? They are both sleeping right now. AHHH.....


  1. sometimes, you just do what you have to to get through the errands...we've all been there!

    fun that your mom is coming for a visit!

  2. Glad to hear everyone is doing better...have a great time with your Mom!