Monday, January 19, 2009


After such a fun time mikan picking, we had to return to TKN farms to pick strawberries!

This experience was a little different, however. In Japan, strawberries are grown in a hothouse. Not what I had imagined, since in the states, you pick them out in the fields. And while we had lots of fun, we couldn't take any berries home with us and we were on a time limit :( 30 minutes or less, with a little platic tray and some sweet condensed milk on the side, we were off!

The boys love strawberries so they couldn't get enough. My mom, Tim, and I ate a lot too.
Because the berries were so sweet, we definitely had to pace ourselves and have a salty snack in between eating the juicy berries :)

Next up....sweet potato digging in May!!

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