Sunday, November 9, 2008

To infinity...and beyond!!

Every week, Rowen chooses a different disney movie that he wants to watch when it is movie time (usually before school and before bed). He then watches that movie over and over and over again that whole week until we desperately ask him to switch to a new movie.

Well...this week it's been 'Toy Story'. And we are already tired of watching it!! But Rowen keeps insisting that he needs to see Buzz Lightyear.
Tim and I thought, wait, we haven't seen Toy Story 2, let's go buy that! That way, Rowen can still see Buzz and we can watch a new movie :) the beginning of Toy Story 2, the toys are playing a video game and they are playing the Buzz lightyear video game. This part of the movie (at the very beginning) is completely about Buzz and he says his famous words "To INFINITY and BEYOND!!" Rowen is fixated on this party of the movie and wants to watch it over and over again!! Needless to say, we haven't seen the rest of the movie. But it is pretty funny to watch Rowen pose like Buzz and we say "to infinity" and he says "and BEYOND!!"

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