Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mikan gari

We visited the Tsukuihama Kanko Noen Farm today for mikan (tangerine) picking. (This farm also has strawberries, potatoes, and sweet potatoes to pick during their respected seasons.)
We were prettty excited to pick mikans because Tasaka-san and his family accompanied us there and what is better than to share this experience with our Japanese friends? Our friends, Jeff and Tiffany and their 3 kids also joined us and were excited to meet our local friends.

The entrance fee to TKN farm was totally reasonable Adults were Y800/each and children under 3 were free. For the price of admission, it was all you can eat mikans and a plastic bag to fill with mikans to take home with you! We were given our plastic bags, snipping scissors, and shown to our designated orchard area (ours was #117). It was a short walk up hill to find our orchards; the scene around was so beautiful! Rowen and Arjun ate a lot of mikans and they were plenty sticky afterwards too :)

After mikan picking, we found a park near the farm to sit down for a picnic lunch. Mrs. Tasaka-san packed a delicious Japanese lunch to share with all of us. That was so thoughtful!
There was inari (sweet tofu wrapped around rice), fish and vegetable tempura, cucumber and cheese sandwiches, and lemon tea. We also shared what we brought. To no surprise, our kids wanted the japanese food they brought, and their children wanted our American food (cheese/crackers, PBJ sandwiches, cookies, etc.)

I think everyone I had a great time and we are really looking forward to strawberry picking at the end of December :)

Mikan Picture Gallery

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