Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time to rock and ROLL

I learned to make sushi today! Chef Clement, who occasionally has cooking classes on base, took time today to show the Oakleaf members how to make sushi.

There aren't a lot of ingredients needed really. After you have the basics down, it's really up to you on what type of sushi roll you make. The basics include sushi rice (sticky), nori paper, and a sushi mat(which makes wrapping your roll easier). On today's menu: the Philly roll..avocado, green onion, cream cheese, and smoked salmon.

I don't particularly care for smoked salmon, so I made a veggie roll for myself and I made a roll for Tim that included the smoked salmon. I was actually kind of surprised that Tim enjoyed the roll I made for him! If I can get my act together and gather the ingredients, we may be having some home made sushi rolls for dinner soon!

1 comment:

  1. That was fun rolling sushi with you. I liked the veggie rolls better too. I should have made one for Sean, like you did for Tim. You're a nicer wife than I am. :)