Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One year older...

My 31st birthday was today. I remember thinking about this day last year when I turned 30. I was, I'm going to be living in Japan when I turn 31, I wonder what I will do that day?

Well...I had a good day and this is what I did.

Rowen had school and he got on the bus at 10am. Arjun was going to the CDC at 10:30. Around 9:45, Tim surprises us by coming home with flowers. So thoughtful! I think Rowen was the happiest, having daddy home for a few minutes in the morning :)
My friend Karri planned a small birthday brunch at a local restaurant outside of base. It was a lot of fun!! The girls that joined us are part of Oakleaf and just a few that I have been getting to know since moving to Yokosuka. It's always nice to have a great group of girls to hang out with :) All of the girls' husbands work at the hospital with Tim. There was Karri, (hubby is an ENT surgeon), Kim (her husband Brandon works with Tim in Ortho), Tiffany and her kids (hubby Jeff is a radiologist), Colleen (hubby John is a urologist), and Bhruga (hubby works in the hospital labs).

Anywhoo, after a delicious Chinese meal (the pan-fried gyozas were the best!!) and some fun birthday gifts, we enjoyed Baskin Robins ice cream. They had some interesting flavors that they don't have in the states! I think mine was twinkle cheesecake -yummy! And, across from the ice cream shop was a Body Shop store! We peeked in there for a few minutes and left with some nice bath products.

After lunch, I went to visit Tim at the hospital and he was finishing up with work. Together we went to go pick up Arjun at 3pm. (**This is one of the perks of being overseas...while Tim was so busy as a resident, he rarely had time to do things like pick up the kids from school, or come home for a few minutes during the day. But here, its a different type of busy. No longer a resident, his schedule allows him to spend some extra time with us-which we love!!)

Anyway, during Arjun's stay at the CDC, he made a really nice drawing for mommy to hang up (I was actually sort of impressed with all of the coloring he did, just a few days back, he didn't know what to do with a crayon!)

Rowen came home at 3:45 and we all played for a little bit until daddy came home. We had mongolian bbq for dinner at the officers club and it was delicious. The days events made my 31st birthday a good one! And since everyone in the states is about 14 hours behind, all the good birthday wishes continued throughout the day on Oct. 29th!

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