Monday, September 1, 2008

The New Sanno

On Friday of Labor Day weekend, we got really lucky! I called The New Sanno for reservations for Sat/Sun and they had availability!! This was quite shocking b/c the hotel takes reservations up to one year in advance, so almost all weekends are booked.

The New Sanno is a beautiful hotel located in the heart of Tokyo and is for military/DOD I.D. holders and their guests. The rates are SO reasonable and we were totally excited to go.

We actually didn't do much when we were there, just simply relaxed in the hotel and went swimming. We used the babysitting service on Sat. night and went out to dinner and it was great to get a couple of hours without the boys!

Since we didn't do any sightseeing this time, our next reservation is in Nov. Hopefully, we'll do some then!

The pics are of us in Tokyo (obviously), Rowen snuggling with his 'posse', and the make shift room that Tim made for Arjun!! One pic is of my name on a wait list for a sushi restaurant, pretty funny compared to all the names!! Also, Tokyo tower.

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