Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too slow

I have been trying to exercise more.


Lately, exercise has just consisted of walking the boys around the base in the double jogger. If I walk fast enough, I usually break a sweat.

But...just as I gain momentum during my walk...

"Mommy?" said Rowen.

I didn't hear him the first time. I sometimes listen to my iPod when I'm walking with them.
(Before I had kids, if I saw a mommy wearing headphones while walking her children in a stroller, I thought it was the worst display of parenting! Hmm...whho am I too judge?? Haha!)

"Mommy?" again coming from Rowen's mouth and this time he's turned around to get my attention.

Rowen needed his dump truck that he dropped from the stoller some few steps back.

"Ugh! Rowen! Can you try and keep your things in the stroller and not bother mommy for a few minutes, because I'm trying to get some exercise?"

"Sure Mommy", he mutters while paying more attention to his rescued dump truck.

During our outing, I actually got a chance to do a little running. My heavy panting was proof that I am more out of shape than I thought.

After we check our mail at the hospital (Tim's command is the hospital, therefore our mailboxes are located there...) and stop to say Hi to daddy, we continue on home. There is a short cut home via a big hill that cuts through across base. Key word: big hill.

When we're in the car, the boys love this hill and always want to drive on the 'hillaaah'. That's how Rowen has been saying everything lately: milk, milkaaah bed, bedaaah...

As I start walking up the hill, I'm thinking, crap, this is NOT easy pushing this double stroller up this huge hill with these heavy kids inside!

I am completely dying and still have a bit further until I've reach flat ground when one of my supportive kids chimes in.

I hear him the first time because I forgot to turn my iPod on.

"Why are we going so slow Mommy"? "Go faster on the hillaaah"!

Apparently, Rowen isn't enjoying the hillaaah as much as he does in the car.

Even worse, as I've almost reached the top (doesn't it sound like I'm climbing Mt. Fuji-HA!), Arjun drops one of his toys out on the hill and it starts rolling down hill.

I quickly put the brake on the jogger and start hustling down hill so his toy doesn't get too far from me and then jet back up hill to grab the stroller (we were still on an incline, not the best place for a stroller!)

Whew-that was quite the morning! Maybe tomorrow morning, the boys can push me around in the stoller :-)

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