Tuesday, February 10, 2009


For a couple weeks now, Rowen hasn't been eating much. He isn't snacking that much either.

I try to get a decent breakfast in him before Yochien and even that is a struggle. And since the Japanese don't believe in snack time, only school lunch, I try and give him as much as possible before he leaves in the morning.

The last time I remember him eating a lot was when my mom was here. Maybe I should just take the hint and realize he doesn't like my cooking ;)

Arjun on the other hand is eating like a champ! At every meal, he stuffs as much food in as possible, and if I remember correctly, Rowen did the same at 18 mos. old as well.

Tonight, I made another one of my scrumptious meals, but Rowen barely touched it. He didn't eat his chicken tenders at lunch either.
As we were finishing up with dinner, he asked for ice cream.

"Sorry, you can't have any ice cream because you didn't finish touch your dinner tonight."

He just looked away from me and then tried the I'm-going-to-ask-the-other-parent approach. It didn't work.

But you wanna know what did?

Later on, while we were hanging out upstairs, he said he was hungry. We just tried and ignored him. It wasn't easy and he didn't appreciate it.
He kept nagging us. Finally, he was crying about it.

"Do you really think he's that hungry?" I asked Tim.

"I think we should feed him something." Tim replied, but still neither one of us was getting up to do so.

Then, from outside our bedroom door, "I'm starving!! I'm hungry! Can you feed me please?" pouts Rowen while laying on the floor looking oh so pathetic.

"At least he said please", replies Tim, as he takes Rowen to the kitchen.

Five minutes later Rowen reappears with a glass of milk and a Morning Star sausage patty (his favorite).

He inhales it.

**I think Tim and I both know we should have just sent him to bed hungry...but we're suckers for the sulky, hungry type.

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