Monday, December 15, 2008

USNH Christmas Party

I've meaning to write about this...but mainly have pictures to show you.
Last week, the Hospital Command holiday party was in Tokyo at the The New Sanno Hotel. It was a lot of fun! It's always fun though, when your kids are with a babysitter and you get to get all dressed and have drinks and good food?? I know all of you reading this (with small kids) are nodding your heads :) Those with big kids, loan their kids out so they can babysit!! Thanks Bhruga!! (Her kids babysat that night for us :)

Anyway, the evening was fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. It was great to mingle with all the new friends we've made in a festive party atmospere.

We did not, however, get to spend the night at the hotel. We had to leave the party just a little early, scoop the kids up, pack up the car, and drive home...because Rowen's Seika Christmas pageant was the next morning!
That post is coming up soon....

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