Saturday, December 20, 2008


Isn't that a beautiful picture of Tokyo's Rainbow Bridge?

I've been playing around with our blog design the past couple of days to add some spice for the holidays:) In addition to falling snow, I've added some new 'widget's on the sidebar.

  • Need another language under your belt? Learn some Japanese! Everyday, there is a new Japanese word of the day. And you can here the audio as well, to make sure you are saying it correctly. How fun!
  • Now there's a convenient way for you to keep up with our blog. Simply add your email address in subscribe box on the right, and every time there's a new posting, it will be delivered in your inbox and you can read it on our website!
  • The poll...this one I am really interested in! There are quite a few of our friends and family that enjoy our blog and that is so great!! But is there anyone else out there that has been visiting us?? Let me know!!
Finally, any and all comments are SO appreciated!! It makes me happy to know that all of you out there are enjoying our anecdotes of living in Japan. So please, if you have anything to say about anything, leave a comment :)

Happy reading!!


  1. glad i found you via facebook! really cool banner pic, too.

  2. LOVE the new look to the blog.. altho we do miss the picture of YOU GUYS!! BUT that is an amazing shot of the Rainbow Bridge AND the snow is very cool! We did your poll, and I LOVE the Japanese word of the day.. how did you get that? Seems silly since we live across the street, but with us being sick for 2 weeks, it is nice to read your blog and find out what you're up to! :)

  3. Yes, I agree. I love the facelift of your blog and pic of Rainbow Bridge. You make me want to give our blog a little update. :) I think I'm now a subscriber to your blog. I need to be better about updating. I just put up a bunch of new posts (since I hadn't for almost 2 months!) I'll try to be better, like you. :)