Monday, December 1, 2008

A taste of Yokohama

Tim is on vacation right now. Last month, when Tim scheduled his vacation week, we were trying to plan a trip to Thailand. We found a great place to stay but when it came time to look for plane tickets, they were outrageously expensive. Roughly $850/person!! For obvious reasons, we didn't go.

It's a good thing we didn't go this week b/c on Nov. 26th, the Bangkok airport was shut down due to anti-government demonstrations! The protesters are trying to force the democratically elected prime minister to resign and dissolve his party. Today, Dec. 3rd, flights finally resumed at Suvarnabhumi international airport but not without people we know being stranded their first! We know some people from base that went to Phuket (beach resort in Thailand) for Thanksgiving vacation. They were supposed to return on Sunday but are not able to come back until later this week. I felt so bad for them having to deal with all of this political drama while on vacation....but not a bad place to be stranded! Their vacation at a gorgeous resort was extended and there was nothing they could do about it! post is supposed to be about California Pizza Kitchen (CPK). Since Tim is on leave this week, we decided to explore the surrounding areas of Yokosuka. We heard there was a CPK in Kawasaki inside the La Zona Mall. With Rowen in school, we had just Arjun with us. (By the way, SO much easier with just one child!! It's sort of like not having children at all!!)
When we arrived in Kawasaki by train, we were so excited when we got to the restaurant :) We felt like we were home, which was really cool. The food was great too, just like in the states. We had an oriental crunch salad and a pizza, of course. Arjun had macaroni and cheese and a fruit bowl. He thoroughly enjoyed his food! We even ordered a mac and cheese for takeout so Rowen wouldn't be left out of our CPK experience and he could eat it when he got home from school.

After lunch, we visited some other shops in the mall. One whole floor of the mall was just kids, toys, uniform stuff, etc. When I saw the Disney store, I had to go in. Rowen, as you know from a previous post, is obsessed with Toy Story and Buzz LightYear. I found some pretty cool Buzz toys, like a laser pistol, some figurines, and a talking Buzz action figure. He will love opening these up for Christmas. Of course, we also found some goodies for Arjun.

We also went inside the uniform shop to pick up some accessories for Rowen. He got some new knee-high socks, outdoor school shoes, and the cutest scarf ever. Arjun got a pair of pants with a big Anpanman pic on his bottom. They are so cute!

I'm not sure when we'll visit this mall again, especially with both was pretty nice with just our little guy. He doesn't wreak as much havoc as Rowen does :)

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  1. I know what you mean about it being easier with one kid!