Saturday, November 22, 2008

Seika Bazaar

Rowen's school had their annual bazaar on Saturday. And to no surprise, he had to wear his full winter dress uniform. Since there is very little parking around his school and no parking at Seika, we usually take an off-base cab from our house.

Rowen was in pretty good spirits on Saturday morning...usually if he's had too much of school, he is not so willing to put on his uniform again :)

Since this is our first year at Seika, we never know what to expect at these events. When it was sports day, we didn't know that it was on a dirt field (really messy when you have a crawling child), or that it would be a really long day, and we need to bring enough food with us...

So with this bazaar event, I had no idea if it would be held indoors or outdoors, and as we were leaving the base in the taxi, Tim asked me if I had brought a jacket for Arjun? The weather was the sort that if you were standing in the sun, it was comfortable, but the shade it was a little chilly. I'm not sure why I didn't think of a jacket, but nonetheless, I was hoping the bazaar was indoors!!

When we arrived at his school, we realized that the bazaar was indoors and outdoors. Hmm...maybe we would spend some time indoors if Arjun got too cold?

Well, we did end up going indoors and I totally forgot our house slippers with us! This is exactly what I mean by being unprepared! Usually when we visit the school for some reason or the other, the indoor slippers are provided to us so we never think of bringing our own. And since all of these events are our firsts, we never know what to bring!! Since the weather was cool outside, the school floors were really cold. My feet were freezing, so I know the kids feet had to be cold too!
Anyway, getting back to the bazaar, they had a lot of fun activities for the school kids and delicious food too! Rowen got a candy necklace. Not one like you get in the states, where you eat the candy right off the necklace. This one was in plastic wrapping, and each piece of candy was individually wrapped and tied off with a pretty ribbons. It was really cool.
He also went 'fishing'. He got to use a fishing rod and pick out some prizes from an empty swimming pool. He 'caught' an Anpanman package that had some package of clay and candy inside. He also got to ride the bullet train that was setup for the kids in the playground area. He had a lot of fun with that, and Arjun got to ride with him too!

When we ventured inside the school (with no slippers and cold feet), we found the bake stand. Japanese school kids always love to eat American desserts, like brownies and chocolate chip many of the American families try and contribute to the bake sale whenever the school has one.
Also upstairs were many craft rooms where the kids could create various things with oragami paper. They could also paint or play with clay.
What we really enjoyed upstairs was the Japanese food! We pre-ordered a couple of weeks ago, what we wanted to eat at the bazaar. We chose chicken and nori fried rice and yakisoba noodles.
It was very delicious and Arjun and Rowen loved it!! Tim and I still crack up when we think about how much the kids like Japanese food.

We did purchase a few things at the bazaar...Rowen got a couple of Anpanman trinkets to put on his school purse. We also got a couple of stocking stuffers for the boys, like Pokemon cards and Thomas the train travel tissues packets.

Seika has it's annual Christmas pagent next week and we are really looking forward to that. Rowen is performing a dance with his class that I can't wait to see! As for being prepared...I am definitely going to find out if there are any essential items we need to have!

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