Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kids and Hotels

We are staying at The New Sanno in Tokyo this weekend. It's pretty hard to get a reservation because they book up to one year in advance. But, when we moved here, I was able to get a few reservations over the next several months.

We like to come up here becuase it's nice get away to a big city when you live on base and in Yokosuka on a daily basis. With that said...the words 'nice get away' are used very loosely!

Rowen and Arjun will NOT sleep in the hotel room, not for naps or bedtime-ARGH!!! And because of this, they are not in the best of moods when we are trying to sightsee and do other activites. I'm hoping that as they get older, they will get better about staying in hotel rooms, especially since we would like to do a bit of traveling when we are in Japan :)

This weekend has made me think about all of our friends who have lived in Yokosuka before us but they didn't have kids at the time. Their experience must have been soooo different!!

Hopefully our next trip to Tokyo will be different...hopefully.

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