Friday, August 22, 2008

Taking risks...

1) Driving to our neighborhood
I was pretty nervous actually driving off of base into town. The speed limit on base is so SLOW (the maximum speed is about 20 mph), I feel like nothing too bad can happen driving that slow! Out in town, however, (even though the max speed is 60 kmh, which is about 37 mph, still really slow), the japanese road rules actually come into play, and I have to really concentrate on what the road signs mean b/c they are all written in Japanese! In the state when driving with the kids, I remember how often I used to turn around to hand the kids something, like their sippy cup, their snacks, or a toy they had dropped (not safe, I know). But here in Yokosuka, there is NO WAY I will feel comfortable doing that. I haven't even gotten used to driving with loud music in the background!

2) Getting my haircut
It has been so hot here, that I thought I would get my hair cut. I wanted to cut it short, but I haven't had too short in such a long time...I always get nervous that I won't like it! Well...I decided to get my haircut at this salon near the base call "Claps". It went okay-I had to show the guy A LOT of pictures, b/c of course he didn't speak ANY English!! Talk about taking risks!

3) Eating in a Japanese cafe with no English menu
Our new house is about a 10 minute walk from the Oppama train station (this train station is 4 stops from the Yokosuka-Chuo station which is walking distance from the base). Anyway, we decided to take the train to our 'house' station to see how long it takes and scope out the shops/restaurants near the train station. The one bad thing we noticed at the Oppama station is that there is no elevator. That makes things a little difficult with two kids and a double stroller!!
Near the station, there was a big supermarket and many convenient stores as well as many little cafes. We ventured into one of these cafes for dinner...Tim asked me what I wanted to order and I looked around the place for a menu. Haha. Tim and I just stared at each other and he asked me if we should leave and then the waiter came up to us and just stood there waiting for us to place our order! We said "Menu???" and he said, "Noodles"??? and pointed to the wall.
Well-you know what we had for dinner-and it was good!!

One more thing-Japaenese people LOVE American babies!!! This picture below is of a family that was at the cafe with us. They wanted a picture with Rowen and Arjun, but Rowen was being shy :)

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