Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Taking out the trash

I really don't know where to begin with this topic. This the biggest challenge to living out in town.
Basically, during our lease signing, our housing councelor discussed the garbage rules which we must follow while living off base. This discussion was by the far the longest of any we had that day...
There are 5 different types of garbage (my head was already spinning when she said this):
1. Burnable: diapers, kitchen food, branches, leaves, paper**
2. Plastics/Packaging: food containers, shampoo bottles (emptied), caps to plastic bottles, wrappers...
3. Cans, bottles, PET: sort of self explanatory-soda cans, water bottles (but not their lids), and bottles that say PET on the bottom. This one is sort of easy...
4. Non-burnable: rubber, shoes, toys, aluminum foil, other non-burnable items.
5. Group resource: milk-cartons, card-board boxes and magazines (that must be broken down and tied with a pretty ribbon), empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls.

**of course this does not mean all paper...wrapping paper and newspaper, etc are part of group resource :)

Can you believe this???

And they all have different pickup days too. We have this calender on our fridge with everything marked in colors and its all in japanese of course!! Supposedly if you don't dispose of your trash properly, they will put it on your front door step with a big yellow sticker on it...I guess it's easy for them to know it's an American family's trash b/c of all the american food items (everything is in a clear plastic bag so they can examine it b/f they pick it up!)

We know of some people that take their trash to base but what a hassle!! They go in the middle of the night or really early in the morning...its like a 007 mission! They drive up to dumpsters,And it is totally illegal. We heard that if you get caught, your command gets notified, etc. I'm thinking that's probably not fun.

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