Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today was fun! Every third Thursday of the month, the base has a bus that goes to Costco for a few is $10 for a ticket and we thought it would be a good idea to scope things out before we drove there ourselves.

When we got there, I definitely felt a little closer to home :) But when you walk ready to speak a little Japanese or recognize some of the products you are looking for, b/c there isn't a lot of things written in English! For example, the diapers description is in Kangi (Japan script) and the only thing in English is the weight in kg...I don't know how many pounds are in a kg!!

We can definitely come here for fresh fish, meat and produce. They also have an extensive selective of sushi, ssshimi, and noodles. Yummy

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  1. Hi Monkia! I looove the chicken pizza they have, that is fresh and you cook it. And they have good salad dressing too. :)